Shirley Park Golf Club

No Joining Fee and
free membership offer

Pay your golf membership and if your partner joins her membership is free for the first year

At Shirley Park we've dropped our £720 5-day Joining Fee and when you pay your golf membership if your partner joins at the same time her membership, if it's the same price or less, is free for the first year. Unlike other clubs, as a member you don't need to book the tee in advance at any time during the week.
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In addition we have a reciprocal arrangement with seven other clubs. We also have Club Matches, League Golf and numerous roll-ups for members throughout the week and over 50 golf club competitions each year. Have a look at our subscription fees to see exactly what you pay or call us on 020 8654 1143 to join. You'll also be able to enjoy lots of the club's social events organised throughout the year.